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Whipping It Up
By Steve Thompson 
23rd,24th,25th, Nov 2023

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Directed By

Eileen Davidson

A quick-witted satirical farce set in the Whips' office at Westminster.


It's a week before Christmas, and the new Tory government is facing dissent over its latest Bill. With a majority of only three, the Whips' office is out in full force, and they'll stop at nothing to keep the strays in line


But they're in for a long night: boy scouts are rioting in Whitehall, the PM's golfing with the President, five Tory rebels are on the loose and the Chief Whip's playing at Santa – could this be the beginnings of a leadership challenge?


Steve Thompson's play Whipping It Up is a fast-moving switchback of a comedy, with more twists and double-bluffs than a poker game between conmen.

Cast List   
Alastair, Deputy Chief Whip... Ian Lockey
Guy, Backbench MP... Mike Routledge
Tim, Junior Whip... Shaun Fenwick
Maggie, Researcher ... Sandy Ross
The Chief, Chief Whip ... Mike Smith
Delia, Labour Whip ... Jean Buckley


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