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Cinderella At Riding Mill
22nd to 25th March 2023

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Directed By

Lee Falkingham

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A short Bio of our director and Panto writer Lee

 As an adult, I first got into pantomime at University, when I co-wrote a one hour panto, which we toured around nursing homes in York in 1990 /1991.
After leaving uni, I moved to Barnsley. The town where I lived had a pantomime group that performed annual shows in the local theatre. I joined and helped backstage for two years before making my panto directorial debut in the 1999 / 2000 season.

At this time, we were performing NODA scripts and five years later, a colleague suggested that I wrote my own. Up to then, I had only written short one hour shows, which I had been putting on at my school. Our headmaster (a Mr David Williamson) was a real panto enthusiast.
I wrote our version of Cinderella in 2005 and it was first performed in January 2007.

Since moving "up north", I have directed for the Allen Valley Drama group and have written and directed pantomimes for them. 

Pantomime has taken over my life - I own my own pantomime cow and goose and have two genie lamps and a golden egg.

In October, I received a phone call from a certain Ian Lockey and the rest, as they say is history.

I have really enjoyed working with the Riding Mill Drama Club. Rehearsals have been a pure joy from start to finish and I have made some fantastic new friends for life.  I hope you enjoy our version of Cinderella.

Rehearsal Photos

Panto Photos