Prescription For Murder

Performed 30th March - 1st April 2017

Prescription for Murder - March 2017

Masterful performances by Magnificent Seven

An enviable succession of successful shows has demonstrated the wealth of acting prowess at the disposal of Riding Mill Drama Club.

But most of the talented pool were given a rest from the rigours of rehearsals with only seven cast members required on stage duty for the club’s latest production – Prescription For Murder. But what a Magnificent Seven they were!

Under the expert guidance of director Mike Smith, they drained every last drop of potential from Norman Robbins’ script. There was comedy, drama and crisply delivered dialogue at every turn.

Let’s be honest this is not the greatest Whodunnit written for the stage. But thanks to the Riding Mill teamwork, it surely scaled new heights.

Who cares that the finale was so far-fetched few could have guessed the ultimate outcome?

Rob Allcock impressively captured the mood swings, arrogance and many failings of Doctor Richard Forth.

And from start to finish, Jean Buckley was utterly convincing in the role of the sickly doctor’s wife.

Anne Lawrence and Kris Andersen made a perfect couple as Mary and Allan Haigh and got maximum value from the comic titbits the script threw their way.

Shaun Fenwick was suitably mysterious as the stranger whose arrival on the scene got tongues wagging and suspicions aroused.

Frances Hewitt reached high-altitude haughtiness to portray the doctor’s wealthy and determined admirer.

and Helen Mason was a delight as the Forth’s cleaner, combining humour and melodrama with equal aplomb.

As the plot thickened, this production held the audience in delightful suspense…right to the surprising end.


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Directed By

Mike Smith

Set Build

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Compiled By Matt Osmond

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