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Color Stain

The Old People Are Revolting
By  Devon Williamson
21st, 22nd, 23rd, March 2024

This production is by arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd

Play online poster.jpg
Cecilia Bridges

Directed By

Carolyn Hagger and Cecilia Bridges.

Cast Members


Howie - Kris Andersen

Patricia - Jean Buckley

Peggy - Angela Routledge

Shirley - Carrie Craig-Gilby

Doug - Nic Tortice

Elizabeth - Anne Lawrence

Ashley - Liesl Allcock


Hilarious comedy about seniors seeking revenge.

The residents of the sunshine retirement village have had enough: they are revolting!

Fed up with being ignored, and relegated to the sidelines of life, they’ve decided to prove to the world just how dangerous seniors can be.

Packed with zany characters and crazy shenanigans the play is a huge audience pleaser

Short Slideshow Of The Play
Best Viewed With Sound

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