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Midsummer Medley

Performed 23rd June 2018

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Directed By

Kris Andersen

Midsummer Medley


Performed 23 June 2018


This Production was organised and directed by Kris and Christine Andersen to raise funds for the Village Hall Trust

The list of sketches performed is detailed below and also we have pictures from some rehearsals

All raffle prizes were kindly donated and £178.00 was raised from the raffle alone.


The food was organised and cooked by Linda Shepherd and her band of helpers who not only cooked the food but washed up all the dishes afterwards, and there was lots of dishes to wash.


The magnificent sum of £920 was handed to the Village Hall Trust.

For without the hall our club would have no place to perform

Midsummer Medley Performance  (10)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (1)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (2)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (3)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (5)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (6)
Midsummer Medley Performance  (14)
Midsummer Rehearsals  (10)
Midsummer Rehearsals  (6)
Midsummer Rehearsals  (16)

List of Performances

From The Night

Linking Script Read By Kris Andersen.

Part 1

Good evening everyone and welcome to this evening’s entertainment.  I hope you’re all sitting as comfortably as possible and you’ve bought plenty of tickets for our special raffle.  Remember, all profits are being given to the Village Hall Trust.

Firstly, the housekeeping details.  If we have an emergency and everyone has to leave, you’ll be directed either through the foyer and turn left, or through the door at the back of the hall.  If you have an emergency, the toilets are through the foyer and turn right.

Please ensure all mobile phones are turned off. 

There will be an interval part way through the evening when food will be brought to your tables.  When you’ve finished with your plates, please stack them at the end of the table for collection.

That I think is enough boring stuff for now so sit back and enjoy the evening.


Our theme is holidays and travel.  If you are planning on going out anywhere, what do you think of first?  The weather of course!


SONG OF THE WEATHER      Michael Pritchard and Colin Dickinson


Having decided to chance it, where might you go?  If you’re lucky enough to live in the country, you might like to go for a healthy walk – in the woods perhaps?


TEDDY BEAR’S AGM            Rob Allcock and Jean Buckley


On the other hand, if the weather doesn’t relent, you might like to listen to some music to remind you of places you have been or might like to go.


HARP SOLO MUSIC                         Judith Andersen


This might inspire you to go to a concert, but be careful, you might encounter other holidaymakers on the way.

PIDDLING PETE                    Mike Smith


In London of course there is a vast network of public transport to whisk you safely to your chosen destination.


TRANSPORT OF DELIGHT              Michael Pritchard and Colin


Your fancy might be taken by a travelling circus.  Once upon a time this was the most likely way ordinary people could see a range of exotic animals, usually including elephants.  But have you stopped to think how they moved from place to place?


LITTLE AGGIE                       Anne Lawrence

            (elephant trumpeting)


If you do go abroad these days, you will almost always fly and be subjected to that safety announcement which has never changed as long as you can remember – or has it?

            (soothing music fading on announcement double bong)


LOOK AWAY NOW          Hazel Osmond, Mike Smith, Carole Craig-Gilby, and Susan Cook


If you’re going to fly away and be sure of the sun you might try to find lingering traces of the British Empire on which the sun never set


MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN               Ken Pearce

Or you might go to South America in search of the seductive tango


NINA FROM ARGENTINA                            Colin Dickinson


In the days before the Great War – of which you will hear more in a while – there was great competition to cross the Atlantic by luxury liner. Who could be the fastest?  And then came the Titanic.  There have been many accounts, stories and films about this disaster but, strangely, all from the same perspective.  There was another.


ANY NEWS OF THE ICEBERG                    Susan Cook and Sandy Gardner

            (audience join in last chorus)


If the Titanic had completed her maiden voyage, she would have arrived in New York.  We shall now be treated to some songs by Stocksfield Junior Drama Club to give us a flavour of this great city and lead us into the interval






INTERVAL                 Food  Linda Shepherd

DRAW RAFFLE                                             Carole & Colin Craig-Gilby

Part 2


OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR TRAILER          Carole Smith      link to page


I hope you all enjoyed your interval refreshments. I want to say a special thank you to Linda and her team.  When I asked whether she would cater for our little event I suggested we were unlikely to be more than eighty.  They have risen to the challenge admirably and, as this evening is for the benefit of the Village Hall Trust, she kindly offered only to charge for the cost of the food.


Now back to our theme of travel and holidays.  In the days before travel agents and the internet if you wanted to have, say, a healthy walking holiday in the Tyrol you had to make your own arrangements, involving correspondence with hotel owners who often had only a limited command of English although they were very keen on persuading us to go.

            (alpine music)


LETTERS FROM THE TYROL                      Rob Allcock and Moyra Gardiner


History is full of accounts of epic journeys that have been made, often by necessity.  One known to all surely is the voyage of Noah.  So far, we have only had one contemporaneous account of this but I can now reveal to you that archaeologists have recently discovered writings that are believed to contain the diary of Noah’s wife.


NOAH                         Carole Craig-Gilby, Sandy Gardner and Helen Mason


Partings can bring sorrow.  One of the greatest upheavals in our history involving many partings, too many of them permanent, was the First World War.  As Carole has already told you, the Drama Club is marking this with a performance of Oh What a Lovely War in November.  Do come along to the meeting on 28th June to find out more.


Many died in the Great War, far too many, but one stands out.  He was the youngest to fall, an Irish boy aged 14 called John Condon.  This is his story


JOHN CONDON                    Mike Routledge and Judith Andersen


Now to complete our evening – a short play.  Bobby and Shelley are a couple on holiday in Torremolinos but what are they doing while they are there?

            (party music)


THE HOLIDAY                    Frances Hewitt and Kris Andersen


Now all that remains for me to do is to thanks most sincerely everyone who has given so freely of their time and talents to put this evening together, Linda and her team for the excellent food and you all for coming to support us and, through us, the Village Hall Trust.

Set Build

Our original stage set-up as designed and organised by Matt Osmond.

Lighting and Sound,

Rob Allcock, and Michael Pritchard

This set was constructed on the Friday night by our club volunteers and then dismantled and put back into storage after the show on Saturday Night.

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