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F.A.Q. Page

Here are the answers to many of your questions.

Can Anyone Join The Club?

Yes anyone and family membership is available. We regularly need actors of various ages for our plays and also for the many varied roles behind the scenes.

Props and other play requirements will be circulated to club members via email and you will be encouraged to join in with the play preparation.

See the full list of roles on the About Our Club Page.

I have never acted before do you do acting training?

We don't do formal training at the club. However, many people start with small parts and also get experience as a "Stand In" at rehearsals when an actor is unavailable.

Do you meet on a regular basis at the village hall?

No, there are no regular meetings at the village hall however, the club does host many play readings and other events which are announced by email to our members.

Members and prospective members are always welcome to come to events  and watch rehearsals.

Can wheelchairs users access the hall to watch the plays?

Yes there is level disabled access to access the hall from the road and there is a disabled toilet in the foyer.

We advise informing us you are in a wheelchair when purchasing a ticket so we can make room for your wheelchair and any companion.

Are the performances suitable for children?

Most plays will be fine, however occasionally there may be strong language used in some plays so please ask before booking your tickets if the play is suitable for your children

Please Note: Some play scripts will not suit young children.

Can I bring my own food and drink to a performance?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own food and drink but please be aware that anything you consume will need to be either eaten in the interval or be "silent" as you won't want to disturb the play or other patrons.

Please note that we normally have a Bar open to serve alcohol and soft drinks at reasonable prices, before the show and during the interval.

Plus normally there will be choc-ices available during the interval.

Can I record the performance or take photos?

No all performances are copyrighted by the play licensee and cannot be recorded we ask that you do not take photographs during performances as this can be very off putting for the actors.

Is car parking free near the hall?

Yes there is parking on the street and nearby streets. If you have trouble walking please arrive early as it soon gets busy. The Wellington pub car park is available and pre show meals are available

Can I book the hall for a private Event?

Yes the hall is available to hire, however please note The Drama Club does not own the 2 halls. For more information about The Riding Mill Village Hall Trust Via their website Click Here

Can I book and pay for tickets online?

Not at the moment, All tickets and seating arrangements are organised by our ticket sales person (available only when bookings are live)

Can I get a refund on my tickets I purchased if I am unable to attend the performance?

This will sometimes be possible if there is enough time to re-sell the tickets. You are welcome to pass your tickets on to a friend.

Sorry there can be no refund once the play has started.

(Statutory consumer rights not affected)

Can I still get admission to the hall if I am late for a performance start?

Sorry once a performance has started there is no access to the seating in the hall, You are welcome to listen to the play from the foyer, and access your seat at the halfway interval if you wish, (unless there is a suitable pause when front of house can show you to your seat).

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