Meet the Club Committee
Department Heads.
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Anne Lawrence


Anne has been a member of the club since 1968 and has appeared on stage in greatly varying roles – from God, to a prisoner who has run over her husband and rolled her own cigarettes!

She also runs the “Ticket Office”

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Mike Smith


I joined the Drama Club in 1980, playing parts designated to ‘young men’. I now play ‘old men’. I am also an occasional member of the People’s Theatre in Newcastle and was lucky enough to perform, as Starveling, with the RSC in 2016 in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

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Ian Lockey

Vice Chair

Awaiting Bio

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Sally Lockey

Club Treasurer

I’ve been on the committee for two years, and Treasurer since 2017. I don’t tread the boards myself, but my husband and son have both taken part in productions. I love being a part of this friendly and welcoming club, enjoy watching their performances, and I’m really proud of the work they do.

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Helen Mason

Club Secretary

I have been a member of the club for the last 2 years, (2016), Joining to both meet new people and try a new hobby. So far I have acted in 4 shows and enjoyed every minute of them (mostly, apart from the nerves)!


Frances Hewitt

Committee Member

Frances Hewitt joined the club in March 2009 as Front of House Assistant for Blithe Spirit. She has since acted in at least 9 productions, produced one and directed 2 including a summer fund raiser. She is also a member of the Long Range Planning Committee which involves reading lots of plays and suggesting which might be suitable for the club to consider.

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Kris Andersen

Committee Member

Kris has been an active and enthusiastic member of RMDC since he moved into the village in 1986, has been Treasurer and Chairman, has directed plays on occasion and was proud to be part of the club’s two appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Angela Routledge

Committee Member

I joined the drama club shortly after I moved to the village in the mid 1980s. I have been involved in many productions both on stage (most recently in Seasons Greetings in 2017) and backstage doing props, teas and front of house.

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007 as part of the chorus in Trojan Women and sound operator for the second play there, a great experience! 

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Jean Buckley

Long Range Planning Group Co-ordinator

Since joining in 1999 I've had the greatest dramatic fun possible. Where else could you be Lady Macbeth, Cassandra, a green fairy or a teddy bear? When not acting I've done other backstage jobs and also read plays with the long range planning group. Suggestions for future productions are very welcome!

Department Heads.
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Matt Osmond

Stage Design

I joined the club in 1989 starting as a lighting assistant.  Ever since school and youth theatre I have been interested in back stage work and moving to the village was a chance to get back into drama. I now design the sets and will do everything apart from act.


Judy Wilthew


I joined the club 2004 after I came home from the Middle East. I sorted drifted into costumes because I agreed to sort out the cupboard and then made a few things which were needed. I opted to stay behind the scenes rather than be on stage and have enjoyed it.

I have sewn and made my own clothes since I was at school.

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Rob Allcock


Awaiting Bio


Michael Pritchard


I have been a member of the Club since 1985 Having acted in several plays I now help with stage building and sound.  We have great fun during rehearsals and always try to do the best we can.  Come along and join us – you won’t regret it!

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Mary Ryder


I joined the Drama Club many years ago in 2001.

First helping with producing small props or even making certain items.

Over the years the props lists have got more and more complicated from making loose covers for furniture, to making curtains, painting furniture and even making “Stargazy Pie”. See - Ladies In Lavender.

In 2002 I have also been involved in cooking a Drama Club Burn’s night Supper, and in 2009 I hosted a Tea Party.

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Colin Craig-Gilby


I joined the club in 2012 only to accompany my wife Carole who wanted to act, I was just in time to help with the props and set for the radio plays. I enjoyed this so much I was involved with creating the sets and some props for most of the plays since, Creating props from a puppet theatre to a crib for the baby Jesus. In 2018 I took over looking after the website and with the Invaluable help of Matt Osmond and Michael Pritchard and others created the club Archive of  past plays.


Carole Craig-Gilby

Village Hall Trust Representative.

I joined the club in 2012  to act, I was just in time to appear in the radio plays. Appearing as a elephant trainer and a murderess, and since then I have enjoyed several acting roles including God and  a wronged wife, and a singing maid among others. I also help with front of house and fund raising.

Other Roles In The Club

Of course most people do several roles and we always need more helpers with all the backstage roles.

Many people are required to enable the plays to go ahead.

Some roles are only needed on the nights when the plays are being performed, while others like stage building, costumes, prop building/sourcing are required prior to a performance,

A selection of the different roles in the club are listed below.


Duties of a Actor

There is always a place for more actors in the club as most plays require specific role types, of all ages.

Committee Member

Duties Of A Committee Member

Various roles are available to committee members including Treasurer, Secretary, and Long Range Planning, The Committee meet on a regular basis and discus what is needed to keep the club running smoothly and plan the next plays.

Helper (Stage Hand)

Duties Of A Helper

We always require helpers to enable the show to go on, especially when the hall is being set up. There is always lots of fetching and carrying, plus sweeping up, and even making the tea, especially when the set is under construction.


Duties Of A Producer

Keep the director happy


Duties Of A Director

Tell everyone what to do (In the nicest possible way)

Front Of House

Duties Include

Duties include selling raffle tickets, helping people find their seats, selling the choc ices in the interval, and after the show clearing up and preparing for the next show.

Set Building

Duties Include

Constructing the stage extension (if needed) carrying the stage flats from the shed to the stage and erecting them, fitting any doors and timber skirting, laying the carpets, painting and/or wallpapering the walls, anyone with normal DIY skills are always welcome.

Prompt For Plays

Duties Include

During the plays the prompt will usually sit behind the set and follow the play reading the script, and if an actor (hopefully never) forgets a line the prompt will "prompt" the next line

Set Dresser

Duties Include

Ensure that the set is laid out in the best possible way with any furniture and props that are needed guided by the director.


Duties Include

Pre performance, Erect the Lights and ensure the actors are lit when they are at the appropriate part of the stage.

During the performance, Switch the lights on, and switch the lights off (In the right order of course)


Duties Include

Pre performance, Source and/or make various sound effects for the plays,

During the performance, Press play on the recorded sound effects (In the correct order of course)

Stage Manager

Duties Include

Manage behind the stage to ensure every actor and props are in the correct position during the performances, and all the behind the scenes people are ready.

Props (Before and During Performances)

Duties Include

Beg Steal and Borrow any items that the play will require, Also someone is required to ensure hand props are ready for the actors to use during the plays.


Duties Include

Work with the director to design, source, and adapt the various costumes that will be needed for the actors. (We do have a large wardrobe of past costumes at our disposal)

Set Design

Duties Include

Help the play director plan how the stage will be set out and built,  Decide the best way to lay out the stage and access for the actors depending on how the play needs to be performed.

Website Builder

Duties Include

Building and maintaining the website ensuring that the content is up to date and archiving club pictures and documentation.


Duties Include

Take photos of the various club activities for the website and club archives.


Duties Include

To promote the plays by distributing posters to various locations and generally getting the word out.


Duties Include

Sometimes Actors need help applying makeup especially if it is something out of the ordinary

A Quick Sample Of A Stage Build