A Midsummer Nights Dream

Performed 3rd to 6th May 2000

2000 Riding Mill Drama Club, Midsummers
2000 Riding Mill Drama Club, Midsummers
2000 Riding Mill Drama Club, Midsummers

A Message From Our President:

It seems very appropriate that our 50th anniversary should be another first for the club: our first Shakespeare! I am sure it will be a wonderful production.

Every single member will be involved in some way, making it a truly team effort.

When you think of the small group of people who started the Club in 1950, producing plays on a small stage it is amazing to look at the wealth of talent and enthusiasm we now enjoy, How lucky we are to have members who are always planning, and achieving, more and more improvements to our staging, lighting and sound, and producers ready to take on new challenges.

We have members who can build wonderful sets, write scripts, compose music for us, organise our many and varied social events, run the junior drama, produce The Green Room, raise money when necessary, and a committee who work very hard making it all happen.

A Club to be proud of.

The Drama Club was founded early in 1950. The first committee meeting took place on the 14th March, 1950 when it was unanimously agreed to draw up a constitution.

They worked fast, At the next meeting on the 21st March a constitution was presented, discussed and adopted! That meeting also agreed an annual subscription of l0/- for adult members and 5/- for juniors.

The date of the first production was set as 5th May and the play was Ladies in Retirement, Tickets were priced at 3/6d, 2/- and l/-. We’ve come a long way.

Very few of the people you will see in this production of one of Shakespeare’s best loved plays deliberately set out to be actors.

Hardly any of them believed they could be any good, or could learn the lines, or just get up on a stage and act! We believe that among the audience there are people who would enjoy, temporarily, a change of character and, more permanently, a new group of friends.

Think about joining the Club I send my Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Club on its first 50 years and I hope that it will continue to give enjoyment to members and audiences for many years to come.

Audrey Reed.


President: Audrey Reed

Chairman: Chris Robinson

Vice-Chairman: Ralph Wrighton

Secretary: Anne Lawrence

Treasurer: Kris Andersen


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