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Special Presentation

24th Nov 2018

Was given to our president Mrs Anne Lawrence who has been a active member for 50 Years (Golden Anniversary), At the "Oh What A Lovely War" after show party, Ann received a presentation, card signed by club members and a gift thanking her for all her work for the club over the past 50 years.

There was a slideshow playing on the screen behind her showing a selection of the plays she has performed in over the years. To see the short slideshow Click Here.

Reply From Anne

Dear Club Members,

Last night I was so overwhelmed and surprised by events that I know I did not say all that I wanted to say.

Today I have had time to reflect and appreciate what you did. I certainly had not realised that 50 years had passed since I first joined the club ! And it has been 50 years of learning, and above all enjoying, the companionship of so many like minded friends. It has truly felt like an extension of my family......with a common aim.

One of the wonderful things about our special club , and one that I appreciate more and more, is that though we all have our various talents ,those talents work together to create a whole exciting, supportive and caring group of people, in which age is no barrier.....thankfully !

So I am honoured to be be a member of such a family, and will look forward to continuing to support the club in any way I can..........Flapjack anyone ?



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