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100 seconds to midnight 28th July

On the 28th July we will be watching a preview of 100 seconds to midnight at the Parish hall, this play is due to be performed at the Edinburgh fringe shortly after.

Below is the letter from Will Lockey promoting this show

Dear Members,

As some of you may know, when I was 16 I was offered a place at Tring Park School for the

Performing Arts on the Acting Course where I also studied for my A-levels and boarded for

two years. It was here where I forged amazing friendships with people who were keen to

collaborate in the future, which leads me on to the purpose of this email...

I am excited to say I will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year alongside

my amazingly talented friend from school (Petra Joan-Athene) in the new play, 100 Seconds

to Midnight, written and directed by two of my other best friends and Tring Park graduates

(Rosalie Roger-Lacan and Amber Conroy).

“John and May were sixth form lovers, they haven't seen each other in five years. One

evening, the end of the world is announced. In a moment of lonely panic, May calls John.

Can she come over? Five weeks later, the world is still standing but the pair are trapped in

John's studio apartment. They go back and forth between moments of apocalypse-fuelled

panic to humorous distractions with cacti, kittens and condoms. The latter becomes

responsible for the pair's final descent into a downward spiral.”

We are beginning our rehearsals for the play here in Riding Mill (specifically in our spare

bedroom) and before we move on to another location to continue our rehearsals we are

delighted to be performing our play at The Parish Hall thanks to the kindness of the Riding

Mill Drama Club. This will be on the 28th of July with a 7:30pm start and running time of

around 50 minutes. We will be treating this as more of a run-through, as it will only be after

around a week of intensive rehearsals and will by no means be a finished product, but we

would love it if you could come and see the work we’ve done! We won’t charge for tickets,

however there will be a bar and donation boxes to help us out on our Edinburgh Fringe


Members will have priority booking, but as we wish to open this up to non-members (by

invitation) please could you confirm attendance to by Friday, 8th of


The production is running from the 15th to the 27th of August at ‘Greenside @ Infirmary

Street’, and if any of you are going to be attending the festival this year then it would be

lovely to see some friendly faces there too! For more info and tickets, please click the link


Will Lockey


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