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Village Hall Security Reminder

From: Janet <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:22:59 PM

Subject: important - hall safety

Hello everyone. I'd be very grateful if you would make all of your

club members aware of the following asap:

1 there has been someone in the hall acting suspiciously. If

you are in the hall by yourself, maybe because you have popped in

for something, please lock the door behind you. This is with your own

safety and the honesty box money in mind.

2. when you leave ALL DOORS MUST BE LOCKED. If you have opened

any additional doors for fresh air etc, they must be locked behind

you. It's an obvious point, but if you leave the premises unlocked, we

are very vulnerable to theft or worse. Ask yourself how you'd feel if

other club's equipment was pinched or wrecked and it was your fault?

Or how you think you would persuade the insurers to cover for

stolen/damaged equipment when the door was left unlocked? Just don't

put yourself in that situation.

3 The bolts in the front door of the parish hall have to be

secured up and down. Otherwise, the double doors can be pushed open

even if they are locked. If you are not sure what I mean, I or Suzanne

will be happy to show you.

4 If you use the gates to access the rear garden (those near the

new 'garage'), please ensure the bolts are secured to keep the flat

tenant's dog in.

Finally, someone asked the pertinent question about whether we insure

clubs' own equipment. The answer is no, we only insure VHT

equipment; if it doesn't belong to us, we don't insure it. This has

always been the case, but it's worth a reminder.

Many thanks for your co-operation as always,



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