Older Club News
Play Readings

Our club are having several play readings this year with the first taking place at Kris Andersons house on Tuesday, 11th June, 7pm for 7.30

The play we shall be reading ‘Things we do for love’, an award winning play by Alan Ayckbourn


We’re unlikely ever to stage it but I think it shows Ayckbourn at his darkest best.

If you are interested in coming please email Kris (below) so we know how many to expect. 

All welcome   Click here to email


Our club AGM will take place on the Thursday 13th June. In the Parish hall supper room at 7.30 All Welcome Including prospective members who can have a chat and meet other members.

At the close of the formal part of the meeting you are invited to stay for a glass of wine or other refreshment, and nibbles, and have an opportunity to chat with your fellow members.

Full details in the PDF below

Parish Hall Open Day

The Parish Hall is having a open day Saturday 25th June 2019

This is a chance to find out about all the clubs and organisations that use the hall for their activities including ourselves.

Do come along and have a chat, new members of all ages are always welcome

See below for the parish hall website.


This was a successful day with interest from several prospective new members.

Photos of the day at Google Pictures (Below)

Latest Play


10th Jan 2019

Over My Dead Body

This is Not a Murder Mystery.

Or is it? (Come to see the play to find out for sure).

The first meeting/read through was on Jan 9th with many club members attending.

Kris is in the process of appointing the cast, and rehearsals will start soon. 

For more information go to the play page, Click here

Noda Magazine

9th Jan 2019


It is packed with useful information both nationally and also contains regional themed information and news items from each of our eleven regions.

The Quarterly Magazine is available online Just Click Here

We are members in the Area 5, NODA North with Michael L. Avery and Gordon Richardson as our Regional Representatives, who are always interested in club stories.

New Store "Shed"


27th Nov 2018

Our new store shed is finally now in use.

This new shed has been built by the Hall to allow landscaping to the rear of the gardens and also to replace the old garage that was there.

The new shed is a brick built building that should last many years, although the old shed has lasted well since purchased by the drama club for £10.00 in 1962 (second hand) but not erected until 1964.

The new shed was put to use just in time for the end of the OWALW play so that all the club flats and timbers could be all stored safely and tidy.

There is a short history and pictures of the construction of the new shed, Plus pictures and extracts from the club committee minutes about the purchase and erection of the old shed on the "shed page" click to view.

Special Presentation

24th Nov 2018

Was given to our president Mrs Anne Lawrence who has been a active member for 50 Years (Golden Anniversary), At the "Oh What A Lovely War" after show party, Ann received a presentation, card signed by club members and a gift thanking her for all her work for the club over the past 50 years.

There was a slideshow playing on the screen behind her showing a selection of the plays she has performed in over the years. To see the short slideshow Click Here.

Reply From Anne


Dear Club Members,

Last night I was so overwhelmed and surprised by events that I know I did not say all that I wanted to say.

Today I have had time to reflect and appreciate what you did. I certainly had not realised that 50 years had passed since I first joined the club ! And it has been 50 years of learning, and above all enjoying, the companionship of so many like minded friends. It has truly felt like an extension of my family......with a common aim.

One of the wonderful things about our special club , and one that I appreciate more and more, is that though we all have our various talents ,those talents work together to create a whole exciting, supportive and caring group of people, in which age is no barrier.....thankfully !

So I am honoured to be be a member of such a family, and will look forward to continuing to support the club in any way I can..........Flapjack anyone ?



Hello everybody.

The production of “Oh What a Lovely War” is looking great in rehearsal and it will soon be time to build the set.

As some of you are new please find below a rough schedule. A more detailed one will follow later.

Sunday 28th October Parish Hall @ 1pm We will be putting up the stage extension to help the cast get their bearings. This will only take about half an hour. For those of you who our new to us you are very welcome to come along, meet everybody and get an idea of what we will be doing.

Thursday 15th November - set building starts.

We are hoping to start at 9am but it may be 12 noon. I will confirm. Main tasks are the stage extension and putting up the scenery flats. These will include a rear projection screen

Friday 16th November @ 9am Continuing building. Main task painting the scenery.

Saturday 17th November @ 9am Everything else.


Sunday 25th November @ 9.30am Take it all down and put it away Any time you can spare is most appreciated. If you can give me a rough idea of when you might be available that would be very useful. Every extra pair of hands even for a short time helps.


There is also another big job coming up.

The Parish Hall has built a new storage facility for all of our stuff and it is almost ready. We have to fit some internal racking and then we will have to move everything from the old shed to the new building. This will definitely require lots of hands!

See you soon Matt


Rehearsal News

In case anyone wants to know, the plan for this week - though always subject to change - is:


Tuesday 23rd- p78 to the end. Introducing a few props and hats to make it interesting!!

Then, time permitting, from the start to p7 - particularly to sort out the Sarajevo promenade on p7 as some folk have only just found out about that (if you checked the costume list that I sent out!)


Thursday 25th- p9-p16. I want to sort out the 'choreography' in the Kibosh song, which could take a while so the Drill Sergeant scene can be practised in the vestry during that.

p20-37 While the trenches are happening, the ladies can work on Kibosh and Hitchy Koo dance moves in the vestry. 


Hope that makes a bit of sense - and apologies for working you hard. Only 3 weeks to go after this week…..


Carole x 

18 Sept 2018


Dear All


First of all, I know some of you are no longer paid-up members, but I thought you would like the news in any case!

The new Drama Club Committee met for the first time last night and we welcomed Ian Lockey as the newest member of the group.

Full details of the latest happenings are in the letter (below). Please take the time to read it so that you know what is going on.

In the meantime, please note that we are looking for volunteers to help with Front of House for ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ (November 21-25). If you can help on any one or more of those evenings, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

There is still time to participate in OWALW, either acting, singing or behind the scenes. Please let Carole know if you want to help. Contact her by email – casmithy@aol.com

Below is information concerning free drama workshops in Hexham for people aged 55+. Anne Lawrence has signed up, if you would like to join her.

Finally, we are keen to hear from any of you with suggestions for our Spring Production. Is there a play you would like us to perform? Would you care to direct it? Do get in touch.

Here is a note of the Drama Club Committee members with their responsibilities:

Anne Lawrence: President

Mike Smith: Chair

Frances Hewitt: Vice-Chair

Helen Mason: Secretary

Sally Lockey: Treasurer

Jean Buckley: Long Range Planning Group Co-ordinator

Kris Andersen, Ian Lockey, Angela Routledge


In addition, Judy Wilthew is our representative on the Village Hall Trust.


Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Summer Evening such a success, especially Kris and Christine Andersen (and Linda Shepherd for the food). The magnificent sum of £920 was handed to the Village Hall Trust. We have received a lovely letter from Pam Pryor in thanks.


Colin Craig-Gilby has undertaken the task of revamping the Club’s website. He has done a great job. Do go and look at it on a regular basis as we hope that we will now use it more for disseminating information.


The erection of a new hut to store our stage equipment has begun. Watch this space as, when it is completed, we shall need help to transfer items from the old to the new.


The Drama Club has in place a Child Protection Policy (View Here) but it needs an update. If anyone has experience of this sort of thing, do let Mike Smith know. We would value your input.


Finally, Sarah Kemp, the Artistic Director of Theatre Sans Frontieres, will be running a series of drama workshops based around movement, games and improvisation at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham, on Tuesday mornings from October 2nd for 8 weeks. The workshops will be free but you will need to sign up at the Queen’s Hall Box Office. For more information you can contact Sarah at sarah@tsf.org.uk or by phone on 01434 603114


Hope to see you soon

Best wishes



5 Aug 2018




Riding Mill Drama Club will be 70 years old in 2020.



We put on shows twice a year, in the spring and the autumn and fill in the summer months with play readings and the occasional ‘one-off’ evening of entertainment.

We are always on the lookout for new members, whether their interests lie in performing on the stage or on the more technical side in lighting and sound or helping backstage with props, costumes, publicity and Front of House on show nights.  


Set building starts just over a week before the first night - you don't need to be a carpenter, just willing to help and maybe wield a hammer or a staple gun. Set building entails extending the stage, erecting the flats which then have to be wallpapered, painted, and the whole set "dressed". All this needs to be finished by the Sunday afternoon to allow the cast to get used to their ‘home’.


If you think you would like to join us, young or not so young, please contact us through the website and we shall get back to you.


Looking forward to meeting you!

Best wishes

Mike Smith

Our group has performed many plays since starting in 1950. 

For the full list of past plays visit the Archive pages.     Link To Archive

Welcome to our brand new club website launched

Aug 2018

Now updated with lots of new information about our drama club, and a comprehensive archive of past plays dating from 1950 including - pictures, programs and critic reviews (usually from the Hexham Courant Reporters). I am sure the original members of the club would never have thought that 68 years later their pictures and names would appear in public again.

Do keep a lookout for our loyal present members looking a lot younger in their earliest appearances and remember you can also spot many members names in the old programs both as actors, directors, and behind the scenes.

A big thank you to all the members throughout the years who have kept records and photos in the clubs scrap books, (Now carefully looked after by our president Mrs Anne Lawrence) and a special thanks to Matthew Osmond and Michael Pritchard and Jean Buckley for all their hundreds of digital scans of programs and photos without which it would not be possible to create this website and on-line archive.

You may notice that for some older plays and some older years we don't have any information, we would love anyone who has any information to help fill the gaps (even just a missing plays name) do let us know.

Also if you have any old photos of Riding Mill especially the village hall and are happy for us to use them on the website please let us know.

You will notice a link to our archives on Google Pictures at the bottom of most pages, sometimes there were too many pictures to display on the plays page, and for the older plays (Pre 2000) a "decade" of all the pictures and programmes from the website have been grouped together for ease of viewing.

Please feel free contact me with any comments about the website.

Colin Craig-Gilby